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Rehab centers and addiction treatment facilities often vary greatly on the services they offer. In some cases this is because they validate some treatment practices above others. But most of the time, a variety of techniques are made available because there is no surefire pathway for recovery. Every addiction is different, so finding suitable treatment takes careful consideration.

Rehab always starts with detoxification. Rehabs offer a wide variety of detox treatments to smooth the transition; there are many types of "step down" drugs used to wean people off of narcotics, particularly opiates, whose effects can vary depending on factors such as genetic predispositions. Some treatments avoid replacement medication entirely, or rely on the primary physician's critical assessment of how clients are progressing.

After detox, the really important work can begin. Clients must then understand the reasons they use and how to break the habit. If they are suffering from any physical or psychological issues that are making them crave substances, then those problems must be resolved. If there are environmental or domestic issues occurring, or a mental health disorder that is spurring destructive behavior, than that will need to be addressed too. A Twelve Step program will also help clients along the path of self-acceptance and encouragement.

Always remember, however, no drug rehab program can guarantee results. In the end, success is always up to the client--not you, and not the drug rehab.

What Drug Rehab Will Best Suit Your Needs?

Read over some of these questions to consider before committing to a particular rehab.

  • Whose decision is this to make, and is that person's opinions being heard as to what he/she needs?
  • How much time and effort can you put into looking? Is this an emergency situation or is it more important to spend weeks or months looking for the right fit?
  • Finances. Can rehab be afforded without incurring considerable debt or falling behind on other obligations? Is there anyone that can help with payment or make arrangements to make rehab sustainable? People in rehab need to be focusing on getting better, not fretting over money.
  • Who is going to help? Are there friends or family who can support this effort? Will it be enough?

The most important ingredient for a successful recovery is an addict who truly wants to return to a healthy, stable lifestyle. If that is the case, then the above questions must be worked out one way or another. If someone wants to fight their disease and get better than they deserve the best chance afforded to them.

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