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An intervention for drug and alcohol addiction is often needed before an individual struggling with a substance abuse problem realizes that they need to make a change. Sometimes a direct, forward, heart-to-heart conversation can start your loved one on the road to recovery. But most of the time, more organized and involved measures are needed to convince someone to seek professional help at a drug rehab center in Louisiana or elsewhere in the country. The addict's denial - in the form of guilt, anger, blame, and fear - often requires well thought-out responses, preparation, and fortitude to overcome it. That is why many families consult an intervention specialist, or an interventionist, to help their loved one realize the severity of their substance abuse problem and enter into an addiction treatment program in Louisiana.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol forms a cloud on the mind, not only preventing the addict from realizing the harm they are causing others, but also forming a guard that prevents the addict from wanting to know the harmful consequences of their behavior. The damage done to the addict's health, relationships, work, finances, and various components of the addict's life can only begin to be healed when he/she seeks treatment at a drug rehab center. The intervention can be thought of as a healing process for everyone involved. The letters drafted by all of the participants express their concerns for the addicted individual in a loving yet firm manner, but also cite specific events and instances that call attention to the severity of the individual's drug or alcohol addiction.

Before staging the intervention, a drug rehab center must be contacted and prepared for the individual'ss admission immediately after the intervention is complete. The drug rehab center of choice must provide treatment which is relevant to the individual's type and level of addiction.

The ultimate goal of the intervention should be the following: getting the addict to admit their substance problem and seek immediate professional help at an addiction treatment center. A certified, highly qualified interventionist will lead and organize all of the participants to maximize the efficiency of the intervention. Make sure that your interventionist has the leadership abilities, care, and determination to manage this emotionally-charged process.

Concerns and Questions Regarding Intervention and Addiction Treatment

A Center for Addiction Recovery is committed to helping every client reach a successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and has been doing so since 1995. We continue to focus our efforts in keeping treatment programs and services at a level of unmatched professionalism. Licensed counselors can assist you in knowing the "do's and don'ts" of conducting an intervention, and can give information on providing an interventionist for your current situation. With drug or alcohol addiction, time is of the essence, so please act now. If your loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, and you have exhausted all other options, don't wait for them to "hit rock bottom" before seeking help. You are only a phone call away from stopping the spiraling disaster of substance abuse. Our certified counselors can walk you through the delicate process of organizing an intervention.

It's hard for individuals to acknowledge their substance abuse problem and need for professional help at a drug rehab center. It's even harder to help them do it by yourself. Call your family and friends to prepare for an intervention. And call A Center for Addiction Recovery at our helpline 800-632-1980 and we will assist your loved one in taking back control of his/her life from drugs and alcohol. A Center for Addiction Recovery offers interventions on a need basis. We are on-call seven days a week to provide you guidance and walk you through the addiction treatment process.

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