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Many times, help for addicts in Louisiana comes in the form of an intervention when family and friends have had enough and decide to seek the help of a professional interventionist. Other times individuals hit rock bottom and decide to seek help by themselves. Either way it is important when selecting an addiction treatment program to choose one that will address the individual's particular addiction.

Addiction is a complex disease, and each kind of addiction presents a different set of issues that are unique to the individual struggling with either a substance abuse problem or from a process addiction (compulsive gambling, eating disorders, cutting, etc). For its complexity addiction treatments are designed according to the type and severity of the addiction. For example: cocaine addicts tend to have more immediate health risks than an individual who is addicted to gambling. While an individual with cocaine or any other hard core addiction most often needs detox before starting counseling sessions, an individual with a compulsive gambling problem will start counseling right away.

Every addiction treatment center or drug rehab center provides different types of treatment and utilizes unique approaches to help each individual to overcome addiction. The ideal rehab center is one that offers long-term, comprehensive addiction treatment, including residential treatment and aftercare programs. A drug rehab that is 'all-around' effective (meaning it incorporates both traditional and non-traditional approaches for treatment), and considers not only the physical aspect of addiction but the mental/emotional aspects too, is the recommended path for all severe cases of substance abuse or process addictions. For those who abuse substances on a daily basis-whether it is alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth or prescriptions drugs-finding a professional drug rehab center is crucial. A private residential facility where detox is offered is highly recommended as they are well-supervised and monitored 24/7 by medical professionals and licensed physicians.

Whether you're looking for an effective addiction treatment center for you or your loved one, here are important factors to consider when choosing a drug rehab center.

  • How long have they've been in business?
  • Is detox available at the premises?
  • Is residential addiction treatment available? How does it work?
  • What kinds of treatment/healing methods are offered and utilized?
  • What accreditations do they have?
  • Do they accept most insurance plans or negotiate pay options?

Considering Addiction Treatment? Choose A Center for Addiction Recovery

At A Center for Addiction Recovery, detox is provided by highly-trained addiction treatment professionals. Our staff is comprised of, addiction specialists, mental health counselors, psychiatrists, and licensed psychologists to help you reach a safe and well-monitored recovery. In addition to our traditional therapies we offer alternative and holistic therapies in both of our outpatient and inpatient programs. (View our complete list of addiction treatment therapies).

We encourage individuals suffering from any type of addiction to seek help with a professional treatment facility. We hope you partner with us and together we will help you through the road to recovery. Whatever your situation may be, remember you are not alone and there is help.

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We accept most major insurances and also offer other payment options. We will negotiate directly with your insurance company, with accurate diagnosis of your condition, that ensures you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

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