gambling addiction treatment in louisiana

Many people gamble safely and unsafely. Addictive gambling has almost as many negative consequences as a drug addiction; and those who gamble excessively should be confronted with the help of behavioral addiction specialists. Louisiana is no stranger to gambling addictions, as tourist destinations such as New Orleans are full of opportunities to bet on sport games and inside casinos. Ultimately, gambling addictions lead to domestic problems, financial trouble, and jeopardize personal safety.

Please look over the following symptoms of gambling addiction. Seeing one of these traits may not mean someone is addicted to gambling. However, if many of these traits are apparent or particularly severe, then that's an indication that the individual should seek treatment.

Signs of Gambling Addiction:

  • Spending multiple days a week at a casino, gambling cafe, or buys lottery tickets habitually
  • Has trouble meeting financial obligations because of money spent on gambling
  • Ignores family and friends and misses responsibilities because of time spent gambling
  • Hides gambling from others
  • A fixation on "strategies" and "systems" to win at gambling despite a continued lack of success
  • Unsafe gambling behavior, including bets with bookies and betting on illicit sports such as dog or cock-fighting
  • Increased moodiness and aggressive behavior, especially when talking about finances

Gambling addiction can be more subtle than many forms of destructive addictive behaviors, and can be very easy to hide. Even those that incur great debts can hide these financial problems and occasionally even win back enough to pave over losses, only to engage in still more risky bets soon thereafter. For those that are chronically abusing themselves and others so that they can gamble, inpatient rehab may be necessary to disengage them from unsafe activities and environments, and to teach them how to engage in healthy behaviors once more without gambling.

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