Drug and Alcohol Problems in New Orleans

With its unique history, culture, architecture, food, and music, it's no wonder why New Orleans is one of the premier tourist destinations in the United States. But in spite of everything this city has to offer, it suffers from an unfortunate epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction. Needless to say, the epidemic has only worsened after Hurricane Katrina.

Authorities report a resurgence of heroin in the past few years. Prior to Katrina, there were few conduits bringing heroin directly from Houston. In contrast, post-Katrina New Orleans seems to have led to more direct connections. As a result, the heroin is much purer and users have no idea how potent it is, increasing the chances of unintentional fatal overdoses. The New Orleans market was flooded with cheap, purer heroin as new dealers tried to gain a foothold in the market. A "new heroin user" in New Orleans can now get high for hours for just $5. A "20-bag," or $20 worth of heroin, is enough to get a new user high for two days. Statewide, adult heroin deaths spiked from 25 in 2005 to 163 in 2006, only slightly decreasing to 111 in 2009.

Violence in the drug trade in post-Katrina New Orleans has been overwhelming. Drug dealers were among the first to filter into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, joining some who never left at all. The result: bloody turf wars that have produced the highest murder rate in the country. At 95 murders per 100,000 people, New Orleans led the nation in killings by a wide margin in 2007. The increased rate of violence has been strongly linked to the post-Katrina New Orleans' drug market. Depression, loss of homes and family members, injuries, trauma, and anxiety has led thousands of residents to find emotional refuge in alcohol abuse and heroin addiction.

Alcoholism and drug addiction pose a major threat to the city of New Orleans. Treatment and prevention services can reduce the significant social costs of lives destroyed as well as the financial costs of law enforcement and corrections spending. Especially with everything that New Orleans has endured in recent years, trauma therapy may be necessary for many substance abusers. Consider the various types of drug and alcohol treatment therapies available when choosing a drug rehab center in Louisiana.

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