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The first essential step in addiction treatment is detoxification. Rehab facilities immediately prove their value in the detox process by ensuring the highest level of safety and comfort possible for this difficult experience. We offer medical detox as well as holistic alternatives as needed. A Center for Addiction Recovery's physicians, psychiatrists, and nurses all work together to create detox treatments that are best-suited for each client, carefully monitoring all signs of progress. Detox can often be compromised by mental health issues in which case our staff will make a psychiatric evaluation and assign therapy and medication as needed.

Inpatient/Residential Addiction Treatment - Our nationally recognized inpatient facility is one of the best in the nation. Our licensed social workers, physicians, mental health counselors and addiction specialists work individually with all our clients to ensure the most successful recovery possible.

The inpatient facility is a 42 bed extended care unit for individuals 18 and over. We treat those with chronic and complicated addiction problems, including those who have already bounced out of addiction treatment programs in the past. A typical inpatient rehab treatment takes 30 days, but there are many extenuating circumstances that may provide for a longer stay. Intensive group and individual therapy occur on a daily basis as well as other activities that build physical and mental health, re-educating clients on normal healthy behaviors.

Partial Hospitalization - Partial hospitalization is a program that provides treatment for serious addiction problems that do not require 24 hour care. Clients will generally appear for treatment daily but will return home at the end of the day. Coping skills and relapse prevention are some of the primary focuses of this treatment.

Intensive Outpatient - For those that have completed a rehab residency, but still require the support of rehab specialists to save them from further addiction problems, outpatient or aftercare programs are available. This usually takes the form of counseling and therapy sessions a few times a week as clients readjust to normal living. Aftercare is a progressive program for maintaining sobriety over the long term and does not have a typical time frame.

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